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Date: 10/14/20 06:54
Toyota Plant, Georgetown, KY. Report
Author: jmbreitigan

In. a recent post (https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?2,5116263) I asked about the possibilities of any good spots for photos. Since the primary reason for the trip was my son's faamily in Lexington we decided to leave home Thursday afternoon (10-8) and get south of Columbus, Ohio. On a whim we stayed overnight in Jeffersonville, Ohio. The area is basically a sea of corn & soybeans. That evening we saw a grain loading facility just outside of town with rail service. Lots of covered hoppers there. I also saw a single track going through town. Doing some research at home I found that it is part of IORY. Early next morning (10-9) I took a picture of the grain loading facility and another of the IORY main at a road crossing for my records then headed for Georgetown. We would have at least 4 hours to look around before we had to move on. Upon arriving on route 620 we crossed over the tracks and I could see a signal bridge. Nice angle but I would not want to take any pictures from the bridge. Too risky for me. We then turned off route 620 and drove down to near the tracks. I could see a gate that was open and a "No Tresspassing Sign" that was buried by growth. Looks like gate has been open for some time. I proceeded and made a big loop and left. There was nothing going on at all. We then took the Outer Ring road near the plant looking for any possibilities and did not see much. We then drove on Delaplain road for a bit but I could tell this was the road used by NS employees so I turned around and left. Ok nothing going on here so we drove on Sims Pike off of 620 to the Rogers Gap road RR crossing to explore that area. Upon arrival we saw a NS mixed manifest train stopped blocking the crossing. We waited for a bit for it to move but moved on to another road crossing near Shawnee Run Farm & Greenhouse. That crossing is up on a small hill. Looked like there was nowhere to park so we did not proceed. Anyway our time was up and we had to leave for Lexington. We left Monday morning (10-12 ) to return home and stopped at Geoergetown again. It was cloudy but I did sneak in and got a quick photo of 3 auto-cars being shoved up to the plant. Then off to the Rogers Gap road crossing. We found an area to park but. After all this I just wanted a picture of a train. But it was Columbus Day and after waiting several hours nothing came by so we left to go home. Not totally a waste as we did get to see in person how differwnt things are versus looking at a map.

Could anyone give me an idea of traffic on the IORY main line in Jeffersonville. Ohio? That would be appreciated.  Well this about wraps up my report. Here are two pictures from Jeffersonville & one from Georgetown, proof at least that I was there lol.

1. Bluegrass Farms of Ohio Inc. grain loading facility. Soybeans in the foreground. Taken from Creamer road right where it makes a 90 degree bend. Just outside of Jeffersonville, Ohio 

2. Creamer road crossing. Sugar Creek beneath RR bridge. Further on is where I took the picture of the grain loading facility.

3. NS #7543 pushes three auto cars up to the Toyota Assembly Plant.

John Breitigan
Washington, PA.

Date: 10/14/20 07:10
Re: Toyota Plant, Georgetown, KY. Report
Author: howeld

I&O loads containers of beans for export at Jeffersonville. Containers will come down from Chicago via Lima on the regular CF&E and I&O trains. If there is a large cut I&O sometimes runs a dedicated train due to low bridge in Springfield, OH. If the double stacked containers are on the regular I&O turns they get left on a siding north of Springfield. They are sent around Springfield via NS trackage rights and forwarded on to Jeffersonville.
There happens to be a train planned for today out of Lima that may be all containers.

Other I&O traffic is a train each way a day. I think they run crew turns from Cincinnati to Washington Courthouse, WCH to Lima, Lima to Delta, Delta to Flat Rock. I’m not familiar with the rest of the I&O but the Crews out of Lima on the Lima South Local will meet the crew out of WCH near Springfield (Tremont) and exchange trains and go back to Lima. Corrections welcome.

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Date: 10/14/20 09:28
Re: Toyota Plant, Georgetown, KY. Report
Author: P

Suprising that you didn't see more action at Georgetown - even for a holiday.

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Date: 10/14/20 14:13
Re: Toyota Plant, Georgetown, KY. Report
Author: rusty

The post above pretty well nailed it. Only thing I will add is you will see the occasional grain train run to South Charleston which is usually a night or weekend run so it don't interfere with the road train. Also I can't tell in your pic (they look like 3 bay hoppers) if so those might be for Bunge. If they are the bigger 4 bay 6351 DDG hoppers they are just temporarialy stored there for the Valero ethanol plant in Bloomingburg Ohio. There is a excavator on stilts out at Bluegrass that a contractor uses to clean out the DDG hoppers.

Date: 10/15/20 03:52
Re: Toyota Plant, Georgetown, KY. Report
Author: jmbreitigan

Thank you howeld & rusty for the informstion. 

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