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Date: 11/21/20 14:40
Auto racks to Philly
Author: HB90MACH

When did NS start running autoracks to philly again? Saw a string inbound last week just east of Flatrock tunnel. Was not an entire train though, but made up a little more than half. Where do they go in philly? The old 95Q went to a loading area (old republicker site) at the base of the Waltwhitman bridge. But that site is not being used this time for loading.

Date: 11/21/20 16:40
Re: Auto racks to Philly
Author: Gonut1

They started within this past year. They go to South Philadelphia somewhere around Greenwich Yard. They are reportedly Kias and Hyundis built down south and brought to Philly for export.
They are routed to Allentown and then brought to Abrams on the daily turn. The Abrams Greenwich Turn delivers them. There can be from 20 autoracks to none any given day in either direction.
Not quite the ML-10 and 11 of olden days.

Date: 11/21/20 19:47
Re: Auto racks to Philly
Author: Lackawanna484

Kia and Hyundai also unload imported vehicles at the Port of Brunswick GA.  Load them on trains for distribution.

Date: 11/22/20 06:39
Re: Auto racks to Philly
Author: dschlegel

I’m not sure what the symbol is from Abrams to south Philly, but the Allentown to Abrams turn is H44. It usually runs early morning out of Allentown and returns mid afternoon. The power is then used for the Allentown to Reading turn H68 in the evening.

Today’s H44 is pulling west to Blandon PA on the Reading line with three healthy cuts of autoracks and a few other racks at random positions at 09:35.


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