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Date: 11/22/20 04:45
Around Central MD & Northeast WV
Author: GPutz

The w/b CSXT Q331 (new symbol) crosses from #2 to #1 Main at Shen, Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia, 11/18/20.  There’s more at:



Date: 11/22/20 19:37
Re: Around Central MD & Northeast WV
Author: ST214

Nice shot!

Funny story about CSX 8, I was with 4 friends railfanning in Amsterdam, NY about 7 years ago. I have a fascination with low numbers, don't know why but I do. We had the signals light up for a eastbound, and a westbound approaching. The eastbound was on the riverside track and the westbound was on the close track, so the westbound would block the view of the eastbound. Everyone thought the eastbound was closer, I took the chance and went to the west end of the platform while everyone else stayed at the east end. Well, the EB rounded the corner just as the WB was bearing down on us. I was able to shoot the EB and turn quickly to shoot the WB. I was the only one that got the EB, as they were all focused on the WB and by the time they turned, it was too late. The leader on the EB??? CSX 8!

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