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Date: 11/22/20 06:24
Connersville, IN
Author: columbusrailnut

Friday I drove through Connersville, Indiana and saw a wind turbine train unloading there and wondered if anyone knew how frequently this happened here or if there is a schedule when they arrive or leave. I would love to see this arriving in town sometime. Thanks! 

Bruce Bryan
Greensburg, IN

Date: 11/22/20 14:11
Re: Connersville, IN
Author: Roadbed

Where at in town were they unloading. What route was taken to get there?

Date: 11/22/20 16:52
Re: Connersville, IN
Author: scraphauler

Been running since spring.  Train a week or so.  Comes in Indianapolis Sub (ex B&O) from a Indianapolis to Connersville, then Big Four Terminal Railroad delivery.  Unloading at Connersville Airport.  75 wind towers.  Everything coming in by rail, nacelles, blades (110 footers), hubs, and tower sections.  Did this 2 or 3 years ago. Supposedly will be a 3rd wind farm in another couple years. 

Date: 11/22/20 19:02
Re: Connersville, IN
Author: Howard_P

And I heard last weekend that this may be the last train for this year.

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