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Date: 01/01/21 09:25
Timeless Scene
Author: RFandPFan

A young railfan enjoys our hobby yesterday at Folkston, Georgia.

Date: 01/01/21 09:26
Re: Timeless Scene
Author: RFandPFan

Entire video of yesterday's action is here...


Date: 01/01/21 09:28
Re: Timeless Scene
Author: dschlegel

Great photo!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 01/01/21 10:53
Re: Timeless Scene
Author: ironmtn

dschlegel Wrote:
> Great photo!
> Dan
> Posted from iPhone

Second that motion! Nice image to start the New Year -- thanks!


Date: 01/01/21 11:04
Re: Timeless Scene
Author: sums007

Thanks for a great show, and Happy New Year!

Date: 01/01/21 12:07
Re: Timeless Scene
Author: Cumberland

I 'third' that motion!!!

...And what a great time to see such an image.

I'm in the process of creating a railroad-related digital illustration, that really captures the human interaction, between the railroad employees and enthusiasts.

Happy New Years!


Date: 01/01/21 12:22
Re: Timeless Scene
Author: MacBeau

Kids and trains...always a good combination.

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