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Date: 01/04/21 06:27
Fast Intermodal
Author: RFandPFan

Yesterday's CSX Q032 (Jacksonville, FL to N. Bergen, NJ) speeds through Hilliard, Florida.  Minutes earlier it passed by a Defect Detector at 67 MPH.

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Date: 01/04/21 16:47
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: Roadbed

Love to see freight moving fast. Well done!

Date: 01/04/21 17:45
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: dschlegel

Yeah buddy! Great video!

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Date: 01/04/21 18:30
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: RailFanAZ

Love the Fast Freights!  Great Video.


RailFanAZ - RailFanning BNSF & UP

Date: 01/04/21 22:26
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: pbouzide

Very enjoyable to watch running at track speed.

CSX could almost double this business without adding a train start if they went ahead with the Howard Street Tunnel clearance project and a couple more minor clearance improvments north of there.

Date: 01/05/21 04:29
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: trainnut7

Very, very nice !!!!

Date: 01/05/21 09:15
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: jaybest


Great video!  It is reassuring to see priorty traffic being given priority handling.  

On the scanner yesterday, I heard the dispatcher insist that a track inspector stay clear of track 2 near Hilliard so that Q025 (Chicago-Jacksonville intermodal) could avoid the slow order on track 1.  This is only 25 miles from the termination point of a 1,000 mile trip.  Delaying UPS and other hot traffic was not an option.  

Also yesterday (Monday, 1-04-2021), Q032-04 (Jacksonville to New Jersey), 2 locomotives, 72 axles, 1,500 feet long:  68 mph at the MP 619 DD; 69 mph at the Boulogne DD, MP 610 DD;  70 mph at the Newell DD, MP 592.  Maybe this hotshot should be called the "Jersey Jackrabbit"?  

Jay Best
Raleigh, NC

Date: 01/05/21 17:11
Re: Fast Intermodal
Author: jaybest

A more refined moniker for Q032 could be the "Jersey Javelin", or to borrow from CSX predecessor B&O, the "New Jersey Trailer Jet".   

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