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Eastern Railroad Discussion > 2020 Hindsight: An Old Favorite Falls

Date: 01/05/21 14:43
2020 Hindsight: An Old Favorite Falls
Author: march_hare

Howes Cave, NY was the site of one of the first major Portland Cement plants in the US, built alongside the D&H main line, circa 1905.  It functioned until 1978, complete with a small "company town" across the tracks from the plant.  One of the limestone units mined here was a natural cement: no additives necessary because the stone had just the right mix of calcite and mud. Just grind it, roast it, grind it again and put it in bags.  Tilison's Lunch occupied the former post office building, and served sandwiches until there were no more workers (or occasional rail fans) to serve.  The building has been a favorite photo prop for me for years.  2020 was its last year.  Here it is in the fall of 2019, with an NS northbound passing by.

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Date: 01/05/21 14:49
Re: 2020 Hindsight: An Old Favorite Falls
Author: march_hare

And when I say "a favorite falls" I really mean it.  The roof caved in during a heavy snow last winter, and this June the entire front of the building fell into the road.  A few days later, the county highway department shoved the wreckage back across the property line.

Only a few houses remain occupied in Howes Cave, and they aren't close enough to the track to work into a train photo.  So we're left with the wreckage of the cement plant itself. Ironically, the quarry that used to feed the cement plant is more active than ever, but strictly as a producer of crushed stone.  All served by truck, of course.

Date: 01/05/21 18:19
Re: 2020 Hindsight: An Old Favorite Falls
Author: krm152

Interesting photos.  Nothing lasts forever.

Date: 01/06/21 09:31
Re: 2020 Hindsight: An Old Favorite Falls
Author: tomstp

Allen:  the smell of a skunk almost does. Ha.

Date: 01/06/21 12:26
Re: 2020 Hindsight: An Old Favorite Falls
Author: wabash2800

Thanks for sharing but the manufacture of Portland Cement in the U.S. dates back to the 1870s. Therefore, I would doubt this would be one of the first locations, if it began operation in 1905.

Victor A. Baird

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