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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run

Date: 04/07/21 06:35
Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: ut-1

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day here, a bit chilly, but perfect weather for a chase regardless.

This video features New York, Susquehanna & Western activity on the road's Utica NY branch at these locales:

1) a mile or so out of the Utica yard, southbound on Schuyler Street with No. 3040 up front and four covered hoppers in its train;

2) a few miles later, off the main, the crew tied down the hoppers, picked up four boxcars for a customer in New Hartford (reached on ex-NYO&W Utica Division tracks) and is seen crossing the Sauquoit Creek at the Utica/New Hartford border on former O&W Utica Div. bridge no. 45;

3) having spotted the four boxcars and switched out three empties, the shove move back over the Sauquoit is seen from an unusual perspective;

4) the former DL&W Chadwicks passenger station is now a substation for the New Hartford Police; back on the Utica main, the now seven-car freight is seen passing the Chadwicks station;

5) next, on Paris Hill's 1.8% grade, the short freight is observed crossing "Upper Main" in Clayville;

6) a few miles farther south, still on Paris Hill, we are in Cassville;

7) just about at Paris Hill's summit, a panoramic view is offered at Paris Station; and

8) in Waterville, about 2 miles north of Sangerfield, the train's destination.

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Date: 04/07/21 11:58
Re: Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: Northeaster

Really nicely done video, thanks for all the work. Your last long shot of the entire little train in the farm land valley is very full of the feeling of that area and is sympathetic to what used to be as a lost part of what was railroading in rural areas. Much appreciated.

Date: 04/07/21 12:52
Re: Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: ClubCar

Great Video.  I especially enjoyed the street operations.  Thanks for sharing your video with all of us.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 04/07/21 13:16
Re: Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: rev66vette

Very nicely done, thanks for sharing.

Date: 04/07/21 16:58
Re: Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: Roadbed

Excellent video of an interesting operation. Especially liked the unique bridge view. Glad they've got new bridge ties. That's an investment in the future.

Date: 04/09/21 16:12
Re: Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: ChrisCampi

Another winner!

Date: 04/09/21 20:06
Re: Springing Forth: NYS&W Utica NY Run
Author: krm152

Another great #3040 video posting!
Thanks for your posting.

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