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Eastern Railroad Discussion > A Rare 205 over the NKP Today

Date: 10/19/21 16:06
A Rare 205 over the NKP Today
Author: train1275

Tuesday October 19, 2021

Well what to do when you get intel of the 205 coming over the NKP line instead of the Chicago line today and you don't have much time and the light totally sucks everywhere. Make the best of it I guess and just go out and shoot. The question became where ?  Picked Kishman's just east of Vermilion and did what I could.

It is always nice to get anything over this piece of railroad and westbounds are extremely rare in daylight.

1. Set up at Kishmans (KM) looking down Berkley Road. Here comes the 205 with four Union Pacifics. UP 7864, 7526, 8173 and 8363. The old Lake Shore Electric ROW was the other side of the NKP along the electric pole line.

2. Here they come through the interlocking onto the single track at KM.

3. And the going away to make the most of it. They are approaching the Route 6 Liberty Avenue overpass. At one time this was one of the most dangerous crossings in Ohio with the NKP and LSE parallel and a long diagonal crossing. The LSE is long gone and now motorists can safely drive over on the overpass.

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