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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS at Lewistown, PA.

Date: 10/22/21 19:21
NS at Lewistown, PA.
Author: NS4271

1 - 21M heading west.

2 and 3 - 22W heading east


Date: 10/22/21 21:36
Re: NS at Lewistown, PA.
Author: krm152

Swapping ends, Photo 1 is my favorite in this set.  Thank you for your posting.

Date: 10/24/21 19:19
Re: NS at Lewistown, PA.
Author: Gonut1

Good reminder of why I used to stop by Lewistown when I could. Where did Conrail go? And more important, why do we need a favorite photo? I just don't get that at all?
Thanks for the post . Oh! By the way all photos are my favorite, always better than no photos.

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