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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS Pomona Yard 2nd trip

Date: 12/02/21 18:22
NS Pomona Yard 2nd trip
Author: TerrapinStation

I headed back to NS Pomona Yard twice today.  Morning had some action, Ater lunch, I headed back around 2:30 pm.  An intermodal came by and there was the usual flat switching show.  As I was driving in, I detected at least 2 BNSF locomotives moving west.  After I parked, those same units parked on the south side as the heritage unit was yesterday.  They were BNSF 9258, 8499, and 8549.  No way to get photographs and I see these all the time since I reside in Southern California.  Some folks around here might be exicited.  They might be gone already.  I watched the switching activity for almost 2 hours, only interrupted by Piedmont trains.  The set doing the work in front of me was a pair of SD40-2's, 6174 and 3345.  A pair of GP50's, 7110 and 7??? had been sitting in the distance, then they headed to the east end of the yard to do some work,  They returned on the southmost main after the Piedmont cleared the area.  I left around 5 pm as it looked like a shift change at the yard.  Here's a couple of photographs.  Greensboro Coliseum in the background.

Terrapin Station

GD "Tons of Steel"
"And a hundred thousand tons of steel, made to roll.
The brakes don't work and this grade's too steep, her engine's sure to blow.
And a hundred thousand tons of steel, out of control,
She's more a roller coaster than the train I used to know.

Date: 12/06/21 05:55
Re: NS Pomona Yard 2nd trip
Author: PlyWoody

NS serves a Pavonia yard via Conrail at Camden, NJ, what city and state is Pomona yard located? 

Date: 12/06/21 18:18
Re: NS Pomona Yard 2nd trip
Author: TerrapinStation

PlyWoody Wrote:
> NS serves a Pavonia yard via Conrail at Camden,
> NJ, what city and state is Pomona yard located?

North Carolina on the used to be busier North Carolina Railroad (NCRR).  Last Thrusday night was busy near GSO hq 5 or 6 miles down the line from Pomona Yard.  I haven't been around those parts since Friday afternoon.  Stuck at the beach doing tour guides home improvement.

Date: 12/07/21 03:55
Re: NS Pomona Yard 2nd trip
Author: ctillnc

In the late 19th century, Pomona began as a small community on the NCRR several miles south of the center of Greensboro. It was named for the Roman goddess of fruit and nut trees because the community had a 900-acre nursery. As the city expanded, it enveloped Pomona. Southern built Pomona Yard and its roundhouse in the 1910s. What remained of the abandoned roundhouse was torn down about 10 years ago. In 1979, the Greensboro passenger station was closed and service moved to a new facility at Pomona... which people disliked because it was difficult to find and inconvenient to everything. The city and NCDOT renovated and reopened the Greensboro station in 2005. With the closure of Linwood, activity at Pomona has increased. 

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