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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Trackmobile use in VA, MD

Date: 01/11/22 15:19
Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: mp208

Can anyone help me find an industry in VA or MD that uses a trackmobile for switching.  I'd like to film one in use.
Thanks in advance.

Date: 01/11/22 15:58
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: Pumbaamd

Perdue in Salisbury MD 'may' have one.

Date: 01/11/22 17:06
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: AmericanFlyer

The asphalt plant in Gainesville VA uses something similar to move gravel hoppers that are delivered by Norfolk Southern on the B-line. The plant is on the south side of 1-66, east of the US-29 interchange. The University Blvd overpass might be a good place to view.

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Date: 01/12/22 03:58
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: cinder

Yes, Chemung Asphalt in Gainesville, VA uses one as can be seen in this 12/15/20 aerial.

Date: 01/12/22 09:27
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: dreese_us

Mountaire Farms has a feed mill/grain facility in Westover Maryland, near the intersection of route 13 and MD 413. At one time, this line went to Crisfield Maryland.

Date: 01/12/22 13:38
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: bigsavage

Not MD or VA, but South-Central PA. near Chambersburg.
In the Letterkenny Business Park, which is the civilian part of Letterkenny Army Depot, a business called Meyers Rail uses one to shuffle covered hoppers back and forth.
Located at 234 E. Patrol Rd. right beside the interchange track between the former WM, now CSX Lurgan line, and the Pennsylvania & Southern short line which services the on-base accounts.
Easy shot from parking lots along E. Patrol Rd.
6/26/2020 photos

Date: 01/13/22 08:37
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: cinder

Also Cedar Mt. Stone Quarry south of Culpeper, VA.  This is the source of the stone for Chemung Asphalt in Gainesville.  Both are owned by the same company.  "Chemung" get its name from Chemung, NY.

Date: 01/13/22 18:37
Re: Trackmobile use in VA, MD
Author: video7105

Well MP208,
They are 3 here in south central PA, that am aware of, if that helps.  First one is at Americold Refrig. Warehouse in Manchester, PA, just north of York. The second is at the Cargill Feed Plant in Mount Joy, PA and the third is at the White Oak Feed Mill in Elizabethtown, PA  Not sure where your coming from, but just some suggestions


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