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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.

Date: 01/12/22 19:46
Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: Apalachicola721

With the upcoming merger between CP and KCS- there has always been and issue with KCS and Amtrak when it comes to hosting passenger trains. With that being said, CP’s a bit more open minded and open to Amtrak. With Amtrak on board with CP’s merger, does this give hope to a Dallas to Meridian Amtrak train?

I’m very familiar with the Mississippi side of the speedway and have spent many days shooting it from Jackson east to Meridian. My biggest question is, with 20 and 19- would they combine the train (to an extent) at Meridian? I’m also wondering if they could reestablish tracks at 27th avenue, which used to be ICG’s fuel pad, to use as a holdover point… or renovate the station track at Meridian to use as a small service facility and layover point.

It also brings up the question of how they would access Amtrak in Jackson and what current prospects are for stops such as Vicksburg or Newton, Mississippi?

Amtrak on the speedway would be fantastic, does anyone believe the southern rail commission will be able to get this going, granted CP and KCS do merge?

Thank you!

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Date: 01/13/22 06:20
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: MattW

For Jackson, if they just renovate the westenmost platform, they'd be able to run a train through there without any complicated backing moves. Adding an extra switch might give them track/platform flexibility.

Date: 01/13/22 06:33
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: ctillnc

Oh, this has been discussed before. The scheduling of a Meridian-Dallas section of the Crescent is difficult. Meridian-Dallas is about 500 miles. A passenger train will take at least 10 hours, absent a nine-figures investment. Westbound, with a 4:45 pm departure from Meridian -- the current schedule, with extra minutes to split the train -- arrival in Dallas would be in the middle of the night. Eastbound, in order to arrive Meridian at 1:15 pm, the train would have to originate in Dallas in the middle of the night. Otherwise you've got to reschedule the Crescent substantially.

Date: 01/13/22 07:00
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: altoonafn

Does Amtrak have crews or equipment to start this service?

If not, how long would it take to get equipment?

Date: 01/13/22 08:41
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: tuxedorailfan

The "terminal" track at Meridian would be there they would park the power for the train. Just needs some updating. As far as fueling goes in Meridian, they'd just use a fuel truck like they do elsewhere. They're not going to rebuild the old ICG fuel pads for Amtrak only. That would not be financially smart when Meridian has a fuel depot and numerous contractors can be obtained to pull a truck up. 

To further add to the terminal track at Meridian, the silver boxed on the platforms have water and HEP hook ups inside. When the depot was built in the 90's, they were installed for parking and watering trains.That's why during the hurricanes, the engines aren't in HEP mode and are connected to said boxes.

Date: 01/13/22 15:35
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: bh35226

There is no HEP at Meridian. The boxes are for emergency watering only. The city track is connected on the north end only. The south end had the switch taken out over 20years ago and part of the land it was on has been sold and something built on the land. Unless changed, there is an issue with the crossover south of the station where the NS crosses the KCS. (the NS mainline actually uses KCS for a few hundred feet). It would need to be rebuilt. This is the main route for through freights but there is another connection at the south end of the yard. But, better to get off the NS ASAP.


Date: 01/13/22 15:55
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: Apalachicola721

The switch for the SE of the city track was under the 22nd avenue overpass. The Meridian Art’s and entertainment building is built partially on what used to be the track to the station. When NS took the switch out for the cotton press north of the station, they rebuilt the track partially into the city track.

Amtrak would have to supply a north and south facing motor to accommodate a run around move without using the NS wye for the return trip west and come off the speedway, without using the NS wye.

The only way to do it is run on NS. The AGS south begins at the crossovers, I do believe and they’d have to come off the KCS main at 49th and run Southbound main, north and back into the station, unload and then proceed to get everything prepared including running around the train to go west. Would be a challenge and facing NS to do it. Fortunately The NS yard master is in charge of YL from single main at Breyer to The fish hatchery, I do believe. You’d have to get past them but I don’t think that would be an issue.

My question is, would fuel trucks be a viable option like the rest of fueling there or put a 30,000 gallon above ground tank nearby to accommodate?

Interesting nonetheless.

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Date: 01/14/22 11:58
Re: Amtrak on the Meridian speedway? Proposals.
Author: tuxedorailfan

A fuel truck would be the most cost effective option. It's quick and painless and has been used nationwide by Amtrak in various locations for years. Putting in a 30K fuel take would not be very wise for one train per day. 

NS used to have a fuel pad, but ripped it all out due to a fuel leak (over the course of a few year), that could never be rectified. 

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