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Date: 06/22/22 17:58
Pulaski, NY
Author: DFWJIM

I am a member of VR with access to the cam at Pulaski, NY but I have yet to see a train on this line.

Anyone know how many trains per day/week traverse this line?


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Date: 06/23/22 01:55
Re: Pulaski, NY
Author: JPB

The short answer is not many! According to the CSX Train Symbols wiki site, there is a daily pair of road freights, M620 (Selkirk to Massena) and M621 (vice versa), plus a Mon-Fri Watertown-Pulaski turn local, L027. In my limited experience watching the Pulaski live cam, it seems that the road freight activity is nocturnal, but that may be incorrect.


Date: 06/23/22 11:27
Re: Pulaski, NY
Author: DFWJIM

Thank you

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Date: 06/23/22 11:35
Re: Pulaski, NY
Author: toledopatch

I have to imagine that whoever put up a webcam in Pulaski, NY that has a view of the tracks did not do that because of its view of the tracks. It has never exactly rated as a hot spot, and certainly not now. This is the line that CSX recently tried to sell/lease to Canadian National but the federal regulators said they wouldn't allow it with the paper barriers in the deal that forbade CN to interchange with the Susquehanna or Finger Lakes in the Syracuse area.

Date: 06/23/22 14:16
Re: Pulaski, NY
Author: JPB

One can “cheat” and search YouTube for Pulaski rail cam and see a handful of clips of CSX freights running through Pulaski in the daylight

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Date: 06/28/22 17:51
Re: Pulaski, NY
Author: hoydie17

That's the old Montreal Secondary (St. Lawrence Sub) and it really doesn't get much traffic anymore.  I think the 620/621 (Massena-Selkirk) still run, but typically are through Pulaski late night/early morning.  There's a few locals that run also from Watertown to DeWitt and occasionally you'll get a coal drag to Fort Drum.  I admit however, I don't recall if the power plant at Drum is still in operation as it's been a few years since I looked into it.  High school buddy of mine works out of Massena, and he says they don't do much between DeWitt and Watertown anymore.  

That all said, the Pulaski camera was actually put in place for watching weather; namely, lake effect snow coming from Lake Ontario.  (Yeah, I know, seems like there could have been a better way.)  But the people who sponsored the cam wanted that and basically let VR pick the location within certain geographic parameters.  So they set it up where it would get a view of the railroad.  

Sean Hoyden
Broad Run, VA

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