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Date: 06/23/22 10:09
Conrail Lehigh Line Operations
Author: mbrotzman

I had a question come up about operations on the Conrail Lehigh Line in the NJT zone  between CP-ALDENE and CP-NK. At of this point Roselle Park still lacks a gauntlet track on track #1 and it was expressed to me that as a result that section of the line is typially run as two single track railroads with freight traffic on track #2 and NJT traffic on track #1. 

I was wondering if A) this is true, B) is it possible to run freight on track #1 despite the lack of gauntlet track, C) does anything change when NJT RVL trains aren't really running like nights or weekends.and D) how does this single track bottleneck on what should be a major freight route into a very busy port, not cause operational headaches for Conrail/NS/CSX.


Date: 06/24/22 09:19
Re: Conrail Lehigh Line
Author: timz

> is it possible to run freight on track #1 despite
> the lack of gauntlet track

I'll bet the platform at Roselle Park isn't
closer to the track than the platforms at
gantletless stations like Trenton.
Freights are still allowed on platform
tracks there, and elsewhere on NEC?

Date: 06/24/22 10:28
Re: Conrail Lehigh Line
Author: Lackawanna484

I've seen NJT and freight traffic on both tracks at Union station, but I don't have a clear recollection of that at Roselle Park.

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