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Eastern Railroad Discussion > What is NS 893?

Date: 06/26/22 14:41
What is NS 893?
Author: pedrop

I just saw this post on Instagram about a derail in Inman Yard, in Atlanta, GA. I am curious about the unit 893 seen in the picture. What's that?

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

Date: 06/26/22 15:01
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: 3rdswitch


Date: 06/26/22 16:07
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: ns1000

A slug designed to be mated to a "mother" SD40-2 or SD33ECO. It has traction motors and an electric parking brake.

Date: 06/26/22 16:11
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: Notch7

Looks like one of the crossover switches brought that slugset crew to grief.  That crossover switch looks gapped.  A sharp flange on the mother engine might have picked the switch. Just saying.  I used be a trainmaster at Inman.

Date: 06/26/22 18:07
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: oneblock

Nothing to see here! Every railroader knows there is never any problem with RCO units!

Date: 06/26/22 22:15
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: allenrider

Probably model RPU6D slug.  "Remote Powered 6-axle Dynamic Brakes" The camel hump is for dynamic brakes. 

Date: 06/27/22 06:08
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: cjvrr

Looks like the handrails on the slug got bent up too.

Date: 06/27/22 08:29
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: ctillnc

Slugs of one kind or another were used at the largest Southern yards since the 1960s. 

Date: 06/27/22 19:48
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: CR6377

Already a wrecked SD33ECO here in Altoona waiting to be fixed. Now another one will have to be repaired. Ugh...

Marc L

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Date: 06/27/22 20:10
Re: What is NS 893?
Author: bath_wildcat

893 is a dynamic brake equipped slug. 

Michael Fair
Port Clinton, OH

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