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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!

Date: 07/31/22 20:43
Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: tq-07fan

Hamilton Ohio has the foundations poured and things look ready to move the Hamilton Depot, originally built for the Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton around 1853. I can find no definitive date though in searching the Internet and the City of Hamilton website. If you are nearby though I would consider getting your last shots of the depot before it moves.
1) NS northbound on May 15th 2022. NS and CSX have directional running agreement between nearby Butler Street in Hamilton to Cincinnati Ohio. Northbound on CSX Cincinnati Terminal Sub and Toledo Sub, southbound on the NS New Castle District and Dayton District although some trains will run on their respective railways in the opposite directions. 
2) Hamilton Depot today with a dumpster and some of the windows have new boarding placed on them.
3) Another NS passing the Depot in the far distance with the foundations for the new location in place.

Date: 07/31/22 20:45
Re: Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: tq-07fan

The Hamilton Depot will be an important part of a planned downtown Hamilton marketplace. The marketplace concept will also incorporate the former Pennsylvania Railroad freighthouse. The NS New Castle District was originally the Pennsylvania Railroad Richmond Branch and not included in Conrail and was passed onto the Norfolk and Western. 
4) Same scene May 15th 2022. The depot is obscured by two old billboards. These have been removed and unfortunately were great for parking next to and providing shade.
5) May 15th looking at the crossing at Maple.
6) That NS crossing Maple today. 

Thank you for looking!


Date: 08/01/22 04:05
Re: Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: GPutz

That looks like a much bigger project than moving WB Tower in Brunswick, MD.  I hope all goes as planned.  Gerry

Date: 08/01/22 09:47
Re: Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: NiagaraMike

Thats quite a project !

Date: 08/02/22 00:58
Re: Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: coach

Do you mean to say they are going to MOVE the entire building, as it is??!  A brick building......moved by truck / house movers??!  A brick building that could crumble apart???!!

Wow.  If so, that's amazing.  Anyone who can do that is a super pro!

Date: 08/02/22 06:27
Re: Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: cjvrr

Yes, brick buildings can be moved.  Takes lots of bracing inside and out.   My guess is this will be moved in at least two pieces.

A local resident had a brick house moved across a county road I oversee.   The dolly the house was sitting on broke while moving and the house got pretty damaged and spent 3 or 4 days in the middle of the road before replacement equipment could be brought in.   It was quite the story.   

Date: 08/02/22 19:07
Re: Getting Ready for Moving Day in Hamilton!
Author: tq-07fan

These two are also from Sunday but may help. The center section that connects the two story station section and the taller single story section was not originally enclosed. The plan is to move the two station sections then to reconstruct the center section as a breezeway as it existed before being enclosed. In this picture looking NorthNorthwest you see the foundations are set up for two buildings and then a breezeway instead of a complete building. Until the early 1980's the B&O ran more or less where Martin Luther King Blvd is to the left. New track was constructed and trains were shifted over. As far as my one friend who is probably the historian on railways in Hamilton can tell the original depot in Hamilton sat really close to where the depot is to be relocated to.


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