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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Info on Natchez RR operations needed

Date: 08/04/22 13:48
Info on Natchez RR operations needed
Author: frntinplate

Can anyone shed some light on when the Natchez Railroad typically departs and arrives at the Natchez yard.  This would be service between Brookhaven (eastern end) and Natchez (western terminus yard).   

thanks in advance

Date: 08/04/22 16:39
Re: Info on Natchez RR operations needed
Author: 3rdswitch

I've asked this also in the past. It is a mystery. I have visited the Natchez exIC yard where they go to work three times, two times the power was there and last visit it was no where to be found. I doubt they make the trip to Brookhaven more than a couple of times a week. The last few of times I visited Brookhaven I was hoping to talk to CN crew switching for info but last few times they were gone.

Date: 08/05/22 07:48
Re: Info on Natchez RR operations needed
Author: ShortlinesUSA

I second what JB has already shared-- sort of a mystery.  They were running from Natchez to Brookhaven on Tuesdays, returning Wednesday awhile back.  Now, I've heard it may be later in the week, possibly over on Thursdays return Friday.  No confirmation on any of that.  But if you try at Natchez on a Thursday morning, you probably have a shot at it.  I would assume there are at least a day or two where the crew may do some local switching around Natchez.  Checking Natchez on a weekday morning is the best you can do if nothing else.

Mike Derrick

Date: 08/07/22 05:39
Re: Info on Natchez RR operations needed
Author: tuxedorailfan

I've always hear that they leave out on Tuesdays and return on Wednesdays. At least thats been the practice up until recently. I've always wanted to shoot them soley for the former BN B unit, but can never get time to make the 3 hour drive over there.

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