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Date: 09/18/22 17:40
R&N train NRFF
Author: NS4271

  Sunday, 9/18/2022 heading north at Leesport, PA.

Date: 09/18/22 18:28
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: jcaestecker

Ok, so how much HP per ton?

Thanks for posting,


Date: 09/18/22 18:35
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: misty1

You have that all wrong that is a power transfer with the hopper doing the pushing...well it sounds good. Nice pics Bruce.


Date: 09/18/22 20:34
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: rrcaboose

Saw the NRFF day before Saturday 9-17-2022 and had more than 1 car...too fast to accurately count but could have been about 50 or so.
Blasted through Tamaqua, PA. Those 4 EMDs seemed to be in run 8 and it showed. 

Was getting ready to order an early supper but it seems the desert was served before the main entree arrived!

By the way, the Tamaqua Station Restaurant at the actual station offered a great meal and the restored station waiting rooms are worth the visit.


Date: 09/19/22 05:08
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: pal77

definately not PSR   good to see a railroad heck a company putting an exclamation mark on service.

Date: 09/19/22 09:10
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: PlyWoody

Are the meals as good as the ones at Palmer, Mass next to the B&A?

Date: 09/19/22 09:40
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: Gonut1

Odd to see a RBMN car with grafitti. I suspect it will be taken care of quickly!

Date: 09/19/22 11:18
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: rrcaboose

Never been to Palmer, MA but just about any meal next to an operating rail line with a train passing by has to be good.

Date: 09/19/22 14:00
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: sscannella

Sunday move with a probably missed connection from 10K.  THey came back down from Pittstone with around 80 or so Sunday evening.

Date: 09/19/22 15:57
Re: R&N train NRFF
Author: globalethanol

I heard the R&N come back from the NS in Reading on Saturday morning with the 2 MP15's and 122 cars.


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