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Date: 11/23/22 16:05
Norfolk Southern help needed
Author: irhoghead

Hello all. This westerner needs some help for a couple of lines back east. I was looking for information on the NS line from Roanoke to Knoxville by way of Johnson City. How busy is this line on an average day? What types of traffic does it see? Also, curious as to the same questions for the route via Kingsport. Thanks for any help and info.

Date: 11/23/22 16:57
Re: Norfolk Southern help needed
Author: florida581

From Knoxville to Bristol is the ex-SOU Knoxville District Bristol Line and from Bristol to Walton, VA is the ex-N&W Pulaski District.  For the most part, these districts see the same run-through traffic: 8 daily trains (4 intermodal and 4 manifest).  A sporadic coal train and / or special / extra movement may show up.  

The following are the scheduled road trains:

126 Chattanooga, TN - Roanoke, VA daily 
127 Roanoke, VA - Chattanooga, TN daily
13Z Shenandoah, VA - Knoxville, TN daily
14Z Knoxville, TN - Shenandoah, VA daily
278 Louisville, KY - Norfolk, VA daily
279 Norfolk, VA - Louisville, KY daily
288 Rossville, TN - Allentown, PA daily
289 Allentown, PA - Rossville, TN daily

Note: The Knoxville District Bristol Line is busier on its west end.  2 pairs of manifests are added along with the list of aforementioned trains:

101 Bulls Gap, TN - Memphis, TN (UP MSFPB) daily
102 Chattanooga, TN - Bulls Gap, TN daily
(101/102 enter/exit at CP Justice)
135 Asheville, NC - Knoxville, TN Mo, We-Sa
136 Knoxville, TN - Asheville, NC Su, Tu-Fr
(135/136 enter/exit at CP New Line)

The Appalachia District runs from CP Justice, TN to Andover, VA (via Frisco, TN / Yuma, VA).  This is a fairly sleepy line.  The primary “road traffic” is road local T52.  It’s virtually the extension of trains 101 and 102, running under a local symbol.  The primary traffic is manifest (mostly from the huge Eastman Chemical plant in Kingsport) and coal traffic out of Andover.  NS reaches Kingsport via CSX rails between Frisco and Kingsport.

The following are the scheduled movements:

T12 Frisco, TN - Kingsport, TN daily turn 
T52 Frisco, TN runs daily between Yuma, VA and Bulls Gap, TN (101/102 traffic)
T62 Kingsport, TN - Yuma, VA daily turn 
T74 Frisco, TN works between Yuma, VA and Church Hill, TN
U41 Andover, VA - Frisco, TN turn Sa-We


Date: 11/23/22 20:11
Re: Norfolk Southern help needed
Author: irhoghead

Awesome! Thank you very much for putting the time into that detailed reply.

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