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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Now What ???

Date: 12/01/22 16:02
Now What ???
Author: scoobydoobydoo

Will rail workers just call in sick on the 9th,Slow there work down a bit or just not show period,Or Business as usual......

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Date: 12/01/22 17:11
Re: Now What ???
Author: shadetree

We will complain about the way things have happened. Complain about Congress. Complain about not getting sick days.  Complain about the train we got.  Complain about complaining.

Business as usual.


Date: 12/01/22 19:12
Re: Now What ???
Author: callum_out

Take the noney and walk.


Date: 12/02/22 04:00
Re: Now What ???
Author: dan7366

How many of the MOW guys that voted against the contract already have CDLs?  I can see that being the easiest jump to be made.


Date: 12/02/22 11:44
Re: Now What ???
Author: bath_wildcat

I'll talk to my NS contact on the 7th. I'll bet you it's gonna force him into retirement.

As him and I specifically told Rep Marcy Kaptur back in May to stay out of it, this is what happens when power runs amuck.

Michael Fair
Royal Oak, MI

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