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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Mexican Visitor on the NKP

Date: 01/20/23 15:25
Mexican Visitor on the NKP
Author: train1275

Friday January 20, 2023
Vermilion, OH

Overcast, dreary, gloomy and dark. Slow day, but thanks to a heads-up I was able to get over to the docks and catch some Nickel Plate action. It was 38 degrees and a damp chill that one really felt when the little breezes would blow up. Got pretty cold after a while out there. There would be a fire in the fireplace tonight if we hadn't run out of firewood.

1. Train 316 out of Bellevue crosses the Vermilion River on the NKP side. UP 4536 and 4234 lead the way to Conneaut.

2. And here comes the real prize, Train 315 with UP 5773, KCSM 4650 and UP 5277. That Kansas City de Mexico was a bit ratty looking but still neat to see. At least it is better looking than the UP power. Luck prevailed too in that a little sun broke through, the most I saw the whole day. 

3. A closer look at the KCSM 4650 on the bridge.


Date: 01/20/23 15:29
Re: Mexican Visitor on the NKP
Author: train1275

Didn't see much on the Chicago Line (ex NYC RR) over on the other side, but did catch this Train 269 westbound where the local gaggle of winged railfans were hanging out.
Power is NS 4017 and 9912 as they head for Landers Yard Chicago from the Port of Newark / Elizabethport with international containers.

Date: 01/20/23 22:27
Re: Mexican Visitor on the NKP
Author: WP921

Great Photos.  Liked seeing the Canadian Geese in the last image.

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