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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Quick Catch of the 315 - NKP Land

Date: 01/21/23 13:51
Quick Catch of the 315 - NKP Land
Author: train1275

Saturday January 21, 2023
Vermilion, OH

What can I say, but that I sound like a broken record ?  Very dark, gloomy and overcast yet again. I'm told that once the lake freezes is when the skies turn blue, but with the warm temps that isn't going to happen soon. Could not get enthused but heard the 316 coming, so went out the east side of town by the Route 6 overpass and got him by the old oak trees.
The power was as drab as the surroundings and the UP was not only dirty but tagged up, the whole scene and everything looking ratty and drab. But anyway it was getting out.

Also grabbed a few pics of tank cars in the train. The first one was a Dana Railcare car. I've seen a few of these before, but this one had some damage to it along the side and the ladder to the dome. Not sure how much rail care was involved ! Kinda went with everything else. 

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Date: 01/21/23 13:54
Re: Quick Catch of the 315 - NKP Land
Author: train1275

4. Another car that looked interesting was this tank car, UTLX 310826, limestone slurry, whatever that is and whatever it is used for (water treatment?).

Date: 01/21/23 15:05
Re: Quick Catch of the 315 - NKP Land
Author: Gonut1

I blieve limestone slurry is use in paper making. It sure has been drab , it is winter and this helps make spring so special when it finally gets around. The bluest skies I've ever seen are those when the temperatures drop drastically after a snow storm and the clouds beat feet out of town.
No rail care for Railcare.

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