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Date: 01/26/23 16:38
Roselle Park Radio Comms
Author: cbrh55

I’m listening to the scanner at Roselle Park (NJ) to anticipate approaching trains and identify them. It’s a little difficult to pick out the Roselle-related chatter amongst the highly congested North NJ / CSAO communications.

Can someone provide pointers on whether I should be listening to NS and CSX road channels, or dispatcher channels, or possibly even still Oak Island given how close it is?

And what terms should I be keyed into that are going to pick out Roselle-related chatter, e.g., I think Roselle is actually CP Aldrene? Which other CPs are nearby and does every train check in at all of those CPs? If so, to whom?


Date: 01/27/23 10:22
Re: Roselle Park Radio Comms
Author: Darthsimpletext

I032 was in baltimore this morning and should be coming later, CSX trenton line is 160,980 road and 160.740 dispatch. I think lehigh line is 161.070 but not totally sure


Date: 01/27/23 11:46
Re: Roselle Park Radio Comms
Author: BobE

 e.g., I
> think Roselle is actually CP Aldrene? 

YHes, the Aldene Connection is at the west end of town, not far from the Garden State Parkway (exit 137 to answer the old New Jersey joke).

I used to do a lot of railfanning in Roselle Park in the summer of 1991 when I was out of work.  The Rahway Valley interchange tracks were still there, heavily rusted over, and within walking distance of my apartment.  Provided a nice, open view, and relatively far back from the speeding NJT and Conral trains.


Date: 01/28/23 06:55
Re: Roselle Park Radio Comms
Author: kjmk

You don't mention whether you're listening to a feed, or actually out in the field.

has a pretty extensive list of channels in the Feed Notes. The feed receives all of them, you can't filter out specific channels.

If you're working with a scanner in the field and want to narrow it down, I'd suggest referring to that list
and plucking out AAR 50, 64, 42. Maybe also 46; sometimes that has South Kearney talking to trains in
the Manville Yard, which may or may not get East to Roselle. 75 if you want to hear NJT chatter.

Listen for Detectors at Townley and Middlesex and trains calling after passing them; trains calling CP
Potter, CP Bound Brook, Port Reading Siding, Port Reading Junction. Don't know if they call CP Aldene.

Hope this helps.


Date: 01/28/23 07:51
Re: Roselle Park Radio Comms
Author: Lackawanna484

Back in CNJ days, Aldene was its own station. A different Roselle station was just east on the CNJ main.

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