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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Sometimes Nothing Seems to Work - Lake Erie Land

Date: 01/27/23 13:03
Sometimes Nothing Seems to Work - Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

1. Sometimes I guess you get in a slump where nothing seems to work out. Yesterday (Jan. 26, 2023) I went out thinking to get some cool power, but things went south, starting with a dead camera battery. The light was extra dark and snow falling creating all sorts of reflections and muddy light. I gave up and was in the process of throwing everything in the trash bin when I noticed the number boards on the lead unit of Train 16G coming by Vermilion. Kind of funky looking, so I kept this shot.

2. & 3. Today, January 27th,  a heads up of a 315 coming down the NKP and not being in a good spot created heartburn. Here he comes passing the 214-5 signals west of Lorain approaching Beaver Park marina. Somehow no angle seemed to work with the poor light, poor angle, junk cars, utility poles and wires. It was like trying to make a silk purse out of  pig's ear. Maybe I didn't get a silk purse, maybe just an old handbag. But it is all about the adventure and chase isn't it ? Anyway, here he comes alongside Route 6, seen in the background heading for Vermilion. Power is NS 7708 and a black number board NS 8166.


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Date: 01/27/23 13:06
Re: Sometimes Nothing Seems to Work - Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

4. And what the heck, a quick going away shot too as he goes around the curve and over Beaver Creek. Lake Erie is just out of sight to the right.
Storage cars are still in the siding here, but further west I've noted they have been cleared out.

Date: 01/27/23 14:50
Re: Sometimes Nothing Seems to Work - Lake Erie Land
Author: Notch76

Good use of what you got

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Date: 01/27/23 18:43
Re: Sometimes Nothing Seems to Work - Lake Erie Land
Author: Gonut1

What roadjob said in -
Shooting anything in January can be depressing!
Somedays when the bear doesn't eat you, good things happen. Years ago I shot trains with a Pentax K-1000. I wore the dang thing out! I had it repaired. While it was in the shop I brought out an old full manual Kodak 35mm, fixed lens but otherwise good glass camera as a substitute. But it was the dead of winter and it seemed everytime I saw something worth shooting I'd jump out of the car and either the lens fogged up or the shutter froze, literally. 
The day I got the K-1000 back was like Christmas! The skies cleared and when I wandered off at lunch I immediately found the Conrail OCS. Then on an outside chance I went looking for the shortline nearby and darn if they were going for beans and even though the loco wasn't in a place to get a roster shot, it wasn't buried in the paper recycling facility where it spent 95% of its time. On the way back to work I stumbled across a Conrail bright blue consist (Gosh, I'm embarrassed to say, i miss Conrail), a downright tri-fecta photo day! Hang in there, spring is on the way I see the spring flowers by my porch sticking their bright green heads up out of the soil. If only they knew next week's forecast. Cold, followed by cold and more cold, it is after all winter!
 Tomorrow I celebrate my 77th orbit around the sun and it promises to be a decent day near 50F. No sun, but decent.


Date: 01/29/23 08:34
Re: Sometimes Nothing Seems to Work - Lake Erie Land
Author: jdtravis

Happy birthday Gonut!

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