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Date: 01/29/23 10:07
Florida, Gulf & Atlantic infowanted
Author: NormSchultze

I'll be close to the western end of the FG&A next month. I'm looking for operstionsl info  fro m the west towrd Tallahassee.   I've looked at The Diesel Shop roster. It looks like the roster is almost all leasers, Helm and others.  Has the RR repainted more than twoo locos or are they just generic lease paint jobs? I haven't seen hardly anything on this ex CSX line.

Date: 01/29/23 12:39
Re: Florida, Gulf & Atlantic infowanted
Author: RFandPFan

I was west of Tallahasse (Crestview-Okaloosa County) in December for a couple weeks.  All I heard was one train each way, usually at night.

Date: 01/29/23 18:35
Re: Florida, Gulf & Atlantic infowanted
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Norm, the operations are all over the place.  They were running a Tallahasee to Milton turn at night, but I have no idea what they're doing right now.  The most reliable segment was to get the TA-East train going east out of Tallahassee in the mornings to meet the LC-West from Lake City at Lee, FL.  I don't even know what days of the week that's happening now.  It was every weekday, then cut back to M-W-F, possibly alternating days with a west run from Tallahasee to Milton.  This line has been plagued with issues, but it's really hard to separate rumor from truth at times.

As far as the roster goes, yes, a lot of leasers, but the SD70M-2s have been repainted, and I believe four of the older EMDs wear the RailUSA "flag" scheme.  At this point, I'd take anything I could get running down there if you have some time to dedicate to trying to catch them running.  I don't know how far west you'll be staying, but Milton is the place to check if you're really on the western end, Tallahasee if you're closer to there.  

Mike Derrick

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Date: 01/30/23 14:55
Re: Florida, Gulf & Atlantic infowanted
Author: Conrail99

Milton Is it good Is to catch them on a weekday morning. I often see them around 7 To 8 o'clock AM on my way to work. Often 2 or 3 units in FG&A paint. I believe they work west to Pensacola and are back by late afternoon at or near the drawbridge.

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Date: 01/30/23 18:50
Re: Florida, Gulf & Atlantic infowanted
Author: ln844south

And back in the early 2000's we had 12 scheduled trains and xtras across the old Pensacola and Atlantic. Nice piece of railroad at one time after being rebuilt in the early 80's.
4 1/2 hours yard board to yard board (161 miles) back then between Chattahoochee and Pensacola, Fl


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