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Date: 01/30/23 09:41
"Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: Rathole

I learned this morning that Joe Oates, aka Uncle Joe Oates, (RETCSXCFM here on TO) passed away this past Friday, Jan 27.  I believe Joe was 86 years old.    

Date: 01/30/23 11:14
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: ClubCar

May his soul rest in peace.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 01/30/23 12:42
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: bigsavage

R.I.P. to Interesting Railfan #176, August 1977 RAILROAD Magazine...

Date: 01/30/23 13:19
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: SCL985

To update info , in a previous post, "Uncle" Joe Oates ,died  January 28th  in Tampa FL, he was 87. Joe retired  as Shop Foreman , with over 33+ years of service . Hired out with Seaboard Air Line RR and retired  from CSX.
   He  co-founded  in 1983 what is now the  Atlantic Coast Line & Seaboard Air Line , Historical Society . A great guy and storyteller , will be missed.

     SCL 985

Date: 01/30/23 13:37
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: SeaboardMan

Met Joe in early 85 as we began the process of getting legal status for the society.  He was a nice man who loved trains, especially the passenger variety.

Date: 01/30/23 15:17
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: csxt4568

Rest in Peace Joe
Met him years ago in Folkston and at several ACL-SAL conventions in Jax Fla


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Date: 01/30/23 16:11
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: K3HX

"Uncle Joe" was also a longtime member of WGRF (a group of avid roster shooters.)
Also an USAF veteran
A good guy who will be missed.

Tim Colbert  K3HX

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Date: 01/30/23 16:27
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: DTrainshooter

So sorry to hear of Uncle Joe's passing. Always looked forward to talking to him at the Railfair in Jacksonville every year
(It's coming up this Saturday Feb. 4th)
Also, catching up with him in Folkston when I could. A railroader and railfan for life...always had a story and great memory.
Loved passenger trains from the Canadian to riding Amtrak too !
I told him several times that I thought "Lines South" was the best historical society magazine out there of which he was one of it's founders.
I was able to meet up him in Orlando during the Star's station stop on April 17,2021 and hook him up with some train magazines for his trip.
He wanted to check out one of Amtrak's new dining cars was the main reason for this particular ride.

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Date: 01/30/23 19:08
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: BobE

I have a massive number of his slides. 

Not in my collection, but a humungous bulk lot I got from John Benson for resale---he aggregated slides from all over, kept the ones that suited his needs and shucked off the 80s, 90s and later to saps like me.  A lot were Uncle Joe's, though were hardly all.


Date: 01/30/23 19:08
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: P

Even though I didn't know Joe, every time I hear of the passing of one of these older enthusiasts, it takes a bit out of me.
I enjoy railroads, railroad history and hearing from the older generation that came before me and mourn the loss of someone who promoted a hobby I enjoy.

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Date: 01/31/23 03:47
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: RWS4449

Rest in peace Joe.
I first met Joe in the cab of 4449 during a cab ride in January, 1977 from Sanford to Jacksonville, Florida on the Amtrak special. He said let's ride the tender so we climbed on top. That was my greatest ride on a steam locomotive ever. Doyle finally saw us and really chewed us out.
I will miss Joe and his great memories.

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Date: 01/31/23 08:21
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: ts1457

I was sad to hear the news about Joe Oates. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I had seen him and I regret that I won't be able to again.

The last encounter was years ago at a joint railway historical society get together at the Museum in Kennesaw GA. Several others and I were eating lunch with Joe outside the building where a food vendor had set up. I believe we were seated at a picnic table close to where the museum's Southern Railway caboose was parked. Joe just got up, walked over to the end of the caboose, and dropped the knuckle out of the coupler. Then he said, I want one of you to put the knuckle back in. A few fans who had not worked around equipment had a great educational opportunity that day.

Date: 01/31/23 09:01
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: calsubd

Thanks all for your memories of "Uncle Joe", I always said Hi to him at the Jax Railfair., he'll be missed by many for sure!

Ed Stewart
Jacksonville, FL

Date: 01/31/23 11:05
Re: "Uncle" Joe Oates
Author: Notch7

My condolences go out to the family and friends of Joe Oates.  I got to meet him years ago at  some train shows and got to message him some in the past months.  It was always nice to talk with another old SCL brother.

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