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Date: 03/14/23 13:49
Snow Dust in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Yesterday and Today
March 13 -14, 2023

One of the biggest blizzards in New York's history was hitting on these dates in 1888.

March 13th, Had a dead battery and some camera issues, didn't end up with much. Didn't matter as by the time we got out the big rush of traffic was over.

1. After a long wait the 265 swings around the curve entering Huron on Track 2 with NS 3620 and BNSF 7736.

2. As he straightens out, he comes over the Huron River and past the turnout surface gang working at CP 232.

3. On the way home, a grab shot of the 14N at Risden Road, and wouldn't you know he has the Virginian heritage unit. Last time I saw the NS 1069 he didn't have any numberboards, now he has some homemade looking ones. Power is the NS 1069, 4280 and 9470.

Date: 03/14/23 13:55
Re: Snow Dust in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

4. - 6. Today, Tuesday March 14th was meat market run day, and we caught the 316 rounding the cruve on the NKP line at the Beaver Park Marina west of Lorain with NS 4403 and 9866. I'd like to get this guy further east, but that has not worked out too well. First shot is him coming around the big sweeping 1 degree curve after passing the old Ford Lorain plant, then a wide angle view with the white caps of Lake Erie in the background, and finally the going away as he heads towards Leavitt Road, Lorain and the RU lift bridge. Third car out is an old BN green hopper.


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Date: 03/14/23 15:33
Re: Snow Dust in Lake Erie Land
Author: MacBeau

Love the VGN shot. Neat work in unforgiving weather.

Date: 03/15/23 03:09
Re: Snow Dust in Lake Erie Land
Author: dschlegel


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Date: 03/15/23 15:19
Re: Snow Dust in Lake Erie Land
Author: Notch7

Very nice pics.  I like how you got the signal aspects in some of the shots.

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