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Date: 05/21/23 13:20
PN 5577 New Dress
Author: RDG630

Former CPSD40 #5577 now wears the Pennsyhlvasnia Norrthestern paint scheme seen in Lansdale, PA yesterday

Date: 05/21/23 13:52
Re: PN 5577 New Dress
Author: atsf121


Date: 05/21/23 15:18
Re: PN 5577 New Dress
Author: krm152

Excellent photo series.  Paint scheme applied to PN #5577 is awesome.
Thanks for your super photo posting.

Date: 05/21/23 16:18
Re: PN 5577 New Dress
Author: NiagaraMike

A new dress for an old girl!

Date: 05/21/23 16:20
Re: PN 5577 New Dress
Author: stevelv

The paint scheme looks great on the SD40.  They should take the top 3rd cab stripe off the wide cabs and the trio would look even better.

Date: 05/21/23 18:29
Re: PN 5577 New Dress
Author: dschlegel

Looks really sharp!


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Date: 05/21/23 20:05
Re: PN 5577 New Dress
Author: Gonut1

My personal opinion,
Less stripes are better. These locos look good other than way too many stripes. The new one is much better but gosh, still way too many stripes!!
Why so many stripes? These trains only crawl along what was a former Reading mainline. Why are these obnoxious stripes needed? Dale, the Reading ran real trains in very bland colors (pullman green) there decades ago and they didn't need these obnoxious colors?

Never mind today's drivers are just oblivious...

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