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Date: 05/25/23 08:34
Introducing ACWR 103
Author: scraphauler

The Aberdeen Carolina & Western is publicly unveiling their new E9, ACWR 103, by running a special from Candor NC to Stanfield NC today.  The special move has been publicized and appears to have drawn a fair number of chasers out today, including from some traditional railfan publications, so I'm sure there will be quite a bit of coverage on line over next few days.  So without further ado, ACWR 103, 276, and 271 back out of shop complex with 7 of their fleet with SD40-2 6918 playing the role of caboose, Candor NC, 0930, 5/25/23

Train consist
ACWR 103
ACWR 276
ACWR 271
Heavyweight Open Platform San Marino
Heavyweight Pinehurst
Dome The Mezines Vista (ACWR Owner Rob Menzies' P/V)
Heavyweight Open Platform Mission Santa Ynez
Party Patio Car
Party Canopy Car
Heavyweight Baggage Car
Superdome Summit View
ACWR 6918

Restored cars not on train include Heavyweight Open Platform Roamer,  Budd Twin-unit diner kitchen car 300, and Budd Twin-unit diner table car 301.  Multiple other cars are on property in process of or waiting on restoration - those include L&N Business Car Ohio River, a SP full length (7/8ths length) dome, Milwaukee Road Skytop Coffee Creek, another heavyweight coach, a wooden business cars, more E and F units, cabooses, etc.  


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Date: 05/25/23 08:54
Re: Introducing ACWR 103
Author: Notch7

Thanks for posting this nice video.  The E9 and whole train look awesome.

Date: 05/25/23 09:47
Re: Introducing ACWR 103
Author: boejoe

Party time!
Nice video.  Thanks for sharing.

Date: 05/25/23 10:29
Re: Introducing ACWR 103
Author: dstill

I'm not far from there.  I need to go see this..

Date: 05/26/23 05:24
Re: Introducing ACWR 103
Author: jcaestecker

Best fleet in the country.  Simply gorgeous.


Date: 05/26/23 07:30
Re: Introducing ACWR 103
Author: RailRat

Very classy from Start to finish

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

Date: 05/26/23 15:42
Re: Introducing ACWR 103
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice looking passenger train!

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