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Eastern Railroad Discussion > "Overlooking the RF&P"

Date: 05/29/23 11:40
"Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: cinder

The recent clearing & grading for the Potomac Shores Town Center north of Quantico, VA has opened new vistas to shoot trains on the former RF&P along the Potomac River.  Weekends are a good time to "tresspass" when construction is halted.  Although backlit while the sun shines, there is a track view high above the former Tim's Rivershore Restaurant that is picture-worthy.

A massive chestnut oak tree has been integrated into the site plan above a stormwater management pond.  It was here that I spent three hours this past Saturday morning shooting cell phone videos.

1.  Amtrak Regional #82 crosses Cherry Hill Rd. and passes by the moribund Tim's Rivershore.  Has the consist been lengthened for the holiday weekend?

2.  Amtrak #88, also with a 9-car consist repeats the performance.

3. Amtrak #89 heads south.

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Date: 05/29/23 11:54
Re: "Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: cinder

4.  Intermodal CSX I-135 comes north with 368 axles and the usual 1x1x0 power configuration.

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Date: 05/29/23 12:04
Re: "Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: cinder

1.  Massive chestnut oak standing as a sentinel above the RF&P.
2.  Looking south across the new stormwater management pond.  

Date: 05/29/23 12:38
Re: "Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: SandPatch1

Will not be long before they force Tim's to either fix it up to fit in with bland town or close it,   Everybody must get stoned..

Date: 05/30/23 05:30
Re: "Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: Fr8engineer

Tim's has been close for a couple years now. Not sure what the plans are for the site, but it's looking quite sore these days.

Date: 05/30/23 06:49
Re: "Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: ctillnc

Date: 05/30/23 07:01
Re: "Overlooking the RF&P"
Author: cinder

"Fatty's Taphouse" was selected to replace Tim's Rivershore by the company managing the development of Potomac Shores (Biddle Real Estate Ventures - BREV) after Tim's closed in September 2021.  However, no apparent exterior work has been done to the deteriorating structure as of 5/27/23, so a "summer" opening of Fatty's is problematic.

Fatty’s Taphouse to open this summer at old Tim's Rivershore spot | Headlines | insidenova.com

Here is an aerial of the area taken in June 2020 and a screen shot of Tim's taken Saturday.

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