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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Passenger car on Conrail WPCA20 Tuesday

Date: 05/30/23 12:15
Passenger car on Conrail WPCA20 Tuesday
Author: chuchubob

Conrail Shared Assets train WPCA20 South Jersey: (Camden to Hainsport and return) had PV SILVER STAR trailiong 21 freight cars.  Worde is that somebody at Hainesport Industrial Park purchased the car.  Photographed at Pennsauken from the NJ Transit River LINE DLRV 36th Street station parking lot at 1:15.

Date: 05/30/23 14:54
Re: Passenger car on Conrail WPCA20 Tuesday
Author: boejoe

Nice to have a P.V. in the 'back yard'.

Date: 05/30/23 19:25
Re: Passenger car on Conrail WPCA20 Tuesday
Author: MEKoch

Looks like a heavy modified 10-6

Date: 05/30/23 19:26
Re: Passenger car on Conrail WPCA20 Tuesday
Author: Gonut1

My boss about 25 years ago lived in Hainesport, NJ. He comutted to Plymouth Meeting, PA at the time. He and 5 other co-founders of the company hit the jackpot when a major worldwide corporation bought their company (actually the company had become a subsidiary of another competitior's worldwide company). We minions got a few perks but eventually our very successful company was deemed to be just a minor part of their purchase and "didn't fit their marketing plan". They closed up our company despite our successes and excellent sales. They tried very unsuccessfully to move production to Korea. Death of a great product and manufacturing team. It was a bad moment in my life. It was my last downsizing/rightsizing layoff. It cost me $15k loss in yearly income in 2005 and it has never returned.
 The former boss could easily afford to purchase that railcar and maintain it. However he didn't really have any interest in railroads whatsoever. Well, he did know that Conrail wandered out his way on occassion to service the few remaining customers in Mount Holly.
The other former founders, founded yet another company and moved onward. I was not invited to that party but I beleive their success was somewhat limited.
Thanks chuchubob

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Date: 05/30/23 19:30
Re: Passenger car on Conrail WPCA20 Tuesday
Author: mvrr10

800744 Silver Star built as UP Pacific Scene; rebuilt  as a PV abbout eight years ago.

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