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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS 32A and 611 crossing Shocks Mill Bridge

Date: 06/01/23 05:14
NS 32A and 611 crossing Shocks Mill Bridge
Author: Pattenburg

Back in June, 1986 was when I first saw Shocks Mill Bridge from a location now known as Schull’s Rock Overlook. Despite a very hot and hazy day it was an awesome view made even better by a CR coal train heading east over this bridge. The spans that were destroyed by Hurricane Agnes back in June ’72.  I vowed that I would come back one day to get an even better photo than I got back then.
37 years later I was back to try and get that elusive photo in what is now referred to as Susquehanna Riverlands State Park near York, PA. My first attempt came on February, 2023 when I was “rewarded” with an NS hy-rail truck crossing the bridge but no trains. A month later I was back and once again saw another MOW truck going across the bridge. Despite the cold winds, I was determined to get that image when it got warmer.
On May 31st I was back once again for a third try at that elusive photo and finally got it. A little after 9 AM the rumble of an eastbound train could be heard. Soon thereafter what I assume was NS 32A headed east over the 2,209 foot long span. I couldn’t have asked for a better scene than what I saw. The hike in from the parking lot to this spot is about a mile but worth my effort. My goal had been accomplished!
Shortly thereafter a text from a friend back in NJ alerted me that 611 were being readied for a trip to Enola. I recalled that when 611 headed west back in 2019 it crossed Shocks Mill Bridge. Hoping history would repeat itself, I decided to wait. A little after 1 o’clock my patience was rewarded. Headed west was this special move. The consist was VMT’s coal hauling gondolas, VMT tool car and 611. This was more than I could have hoped for.
I got that elusive photo of Shocks Mill Bridge and the 611 heading back to Virginia. A brief description of what can be seen in the first photo. On the west bank of the river is Brunner Island Steam Electric Station. The silver siloes on the Susquehanna River’s east bank are part of Perdue Bean Crushing facilities. The third building with the tall smoke stack is Covanta Lancaster, a Waste Mgmt Service facility. Not seen in this photo but visible on a clear day would be the cooling towers of Three Mile Island.


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Date: 06/01/23 06:40
Re: NS 32A and 611 crossing Shocks Mill Bridge
Author: dschlegel

Awesome Thom!


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Date: 06/01/23 07:30
Re: NS 32A and 611 crossing Shocks Mill Bridge
Author: Gonut1

A view not often seen. Thanks

Date: 06/03/23 16:40
Re: NS 32A and 611 crossing Shocks Mill Bridge
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice video!

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