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Date: 06/02/23 16:58
NS 200 w/SD60E Trio
Author: globalethanol

Thanks to a timely headsup from "dschlegel" I was able to shoot the NS 200
eastbound on the Reading Line tonight. Power was the NS 7023 7028 7016.
The 200 was formerly the 20V 21V running from Harrisburg, Pa. to Bethlehem, Pa.
and return. Ironically the 7023 and 7016 were 2 of the 3 60E`s on 20V 21V back in
July of 2020 along with the 6967 with the RS5T horn and 7016 with the failing turbo.
Finally something different to shoot on an NS interrmodal train and turn back the clock.


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Date: 06/02/23 17:04
Re: NS 200 w/SD60E Trio
Author: globalethanol

MP. 32 Reading Line

Date: 06/02/23 18:26
Re: NS 200 w/SD60E Trio
Author: Notch7

I enjoyed seeing your pic and videos, especially of this evenings tr. 200.  I always enjoy seeing the increasing amount of reefer units on NS intermodal trains.  Also I am a big fan of the SD60E's and their Crescent cabs.  I caught an early one with the 5-chime Leslie - a sweet old time sound.  Other engineers might pick the SD60E's apart for performance, but after five decades behind the throttle I appreciated their style and comfort.  I was happy to have the 6993 assigned to my night local for a while in my final year.

Date: 06/03/23 06:37
Re: NS 200 w/SD60E Trio
Author: dschlegel

A fine set of videos Tom!

Your second showing 21V from a few years ago brought back memories of that time frame. Sitting in my back yard in Topton I could hear the turbo whine WAY before I could hear the horn.

I hope this power set stays on the New Bethlehem Star (NS 200) for a while!


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