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Eastern Railroad Discussion > A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P

Date: 09/14/23 18:27
A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P
Author: mab

Took this beautiful afternoon off to watch the daily parade of trains just south of RO (Virginia side of the Long Bridge) on the former RF&P.

First, the northbound CSX M422 makes its way toward Selkirk, getting a little push at the back.

Next, a delayed southbound Amtrak 95 (which had been blocking traffic at CP Virginia trying to get its cab signals working) races toward Alexandria, followed by CSX M409, on the move to Waycross, GA, with some help in the middle.

Finally, southbound VRE 303 leads off the evening commuter rush.

(Naturally, after I packed up, a northbounbd Amtrak with an Aberdeen, Carolina and Western PV dome car in tow passed by just to taunt me. But I'll have to catch that one another day.)

Widescreen and stereo - play it loud!

Full 4K version available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/15LwJE3oIP4jGHDNFWxDmmS7nQd_NIJku/view?usp=share_link


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Date: 09/14/23 19:29
Re: A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P
Author: Gonut1

Very nice videos on ehat was a greta weather day in the northeastern US!
I don't need to play the video loud. I live 150 feet from an NS main and get my fix of GE EVOs and things, and whatever EMD diesels are today. In my opinion the GE's EVO's sound like they are using more horsepower internally fighting emissions than moving traffic! Everything else since ALCO went down the hopper, following Baldwin, Lima and Fairbanks-Morse just make noise. This is the way it is whan you are an old guy and remember much more melodious music from the diesels that replaced my Dad's generation of the dying steam I only got a glimpse of.
 Perhaps someday you can remember this racket as wonderful as electrification brings back the wondereul replacement for the whir of PRR GG-1s and the roar of the GE Rectifier electric's cooling fans.

Date: 09/14/23 19:49
Re: A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P
Author: mab

I defiinitely remember that GG1 sound!

Date: 09/15/23 11:08
Re: A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P
Author: mab

Whoops; just noticed I inadvertantly posted the mono version rather than the proper stereo version. You can view or download the full 4K stereo version at the link above. Apologies for the clutter.

Date: 09/15/23 16:35
Re: A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P
Author: rkennedy2

I remember those E44's sounded like a big vacuum cleaner.  But when a quartet of SD45's went buy I was way happier.  Today's diesels are just too boring.

Date: 09/15/23 16:56
Re: A cinematic afternoon on the RF&P
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice video clip, I bet it's one Hell of a challenge trying to manuver all those passenger trains around those CSX Freights in that neck of the woods!

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