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Date: 09/27/23 13:21
WAMX 3828, 4018
Author: SJDL

While waiting for the Boise Station to open, we were greeted by this BVRR local.  In the background is U.P. 2295.  

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Date: 09/27/23 13:51
Re: WAMX 3828, 4018
Author: callum_out

Cool video for a topic in a major population area that seems to be totally lacking in railfan coverage. 
Boise may rise again, there's a concerted effort led by the state of Utah (with Idaho actually seeming
to be interested) to ressurect train service between SLC and Boise. Utah also has interest in the
revivial of the Desert Wind but beyond that establishing a new route to cover Cedar City and St
George.  But the real question, why is this in the Eastern forum?


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Date: 09/27/23 20:47
Re: WAMX 3828, 4018
Author: pdt

Nice video of something we never get to see

Date: 09/29/23 08:56
Re: WAMX 3828, 4018
Author: FiveChime

I really liked your video with the pleasant Nathan P3 horn and power notch up in front of your
Regards, Jim Evans

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