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Date: 02/20/24 17:20
Lititz Secondary
Author: NB1001

Many fans favor big mainline consists pulled by a colorful specially painted locomotive. This series of three view of Norfolk Southern local H23 on the Lititz PA Secondary features none of these attractions. An ordinary GP38 variant painted black leads a miniscule train. Yet, i find the rural setting compelling.

The first shot shows the 5666 with a single car nearing Lititz. The second shot shows the train dwarfed by the surrounding landscape. The third shot shows the train at Manheim, before they set off three tank cars of propne for ESPN, Ferrelgas' contract switching operator. The ESPN will later attach to the north end of the set offs and take them north to the Ferrelgas compound.

Date: 02/20/24 17:44
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: refarkas

Great scenes! You chose your locations well.

Date: 02/20/24 18:14
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: pdt

Love the locals and shortlines.   Tired of  the heavy iron main line stuff. 

Date: 02/20/24 18:27
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: NiagaraMike

Tis neat stuff!

Date: 02/20/24 18:33
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: MdRailfan

How much other business is left on this line? Many years ago I was in that area and there was a candy manufacturer that received cars, a chemical plant near Lititz, a grain transload facility near the end of the line, and maybe something else. I do not remember the names of any those businesses, but they all had cars at them when I was there. Thank you and by the way I'm friends with the engineer that retired from that job.

Date: 02/21/24 03:19
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: NB1001

There's enough business for NS to run trains five days a week.  Not all trains go to the end of the line.  The largest customers are Allumax and Johnson & Johnson.

Date: 02/21/24 06:14
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: reelsmooth

Good stuff there! Miss seeing the ESPN from living in southern Chester County. Still like the look/feel of bigger trains at track speed too, but, nice shots & thanks for sharing.

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Date: 02/21/24 06:18
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: 611Doug

Johnson & Johnson spun this facility off to a new business, Kenvue, during 2023.

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Date: 02/21/24 06:28
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: JUTower


Date: 02/22/24 15:38
Re: Lititz Secondary
Author: ns1000

Nice pics!!  My favorite is Pic 2!!

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