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Date: 04/01/24 20:04
CSX OCS at Relay, MD
Author: JayK

CSX OCS (P001-01) Has three FP40-PHs up front in the classic B&O passenger livery. It departed Waycross, GA yesterday, spent the night in Rocky Mount, NC, and today continued it's deadhead journey north towards Selkirk, NY. The train will reportedly then head west towards Cincinnati and on to Augusta, GA and the Masters Tournament with VIPs and guests of CSX.

Here it's negotiating the S curves at the east end of Thomas Viaduct on the CSX Capitol Subdivision. The track curving off to the right is the original B&O mainline heading up the valley of the Patapsco River.

Date: 04/01/24 22:14
Re: CSX OCS at Relay, MD
Author: boejoe

Thanks for posting photo and itinerary.  Great shot.

Date: 04/02/24 01:21
Re: CSX OCS at Relay, MD
Author: ClubCar

This is another great photo that you took, Jim, and it reminds everyone of those great Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Passenger Trains from the past.  Those are the real heritage engines from CSX in my opinion.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 04/02/24 06:25
Re: CSX OCS at Relay, MD
Author: march_hare

They should park somewhere in Buffalo for the eclipse. 

Date: 04/02/24 08:21
Re: CSX OCS at Relay, MD
Author: aehouse

march_hare Wrote:
> They should park somewhere in Buffalo for the
> eclipse. 

Kind of tough to get it from Augusta to Buffalo overnight.

Date: 04/03/24 18:10
Re: CSX OCS on CNBC tonight with Cramer & Joe
Author: Chopperbill

   Anyone see the Live Interview with CNBC Jim Cramer about 530PM CDT this afternoon with Joe on Board the special?

Live from the Theater Car to CNBC NJ.  

  Some interview and great view somewhere (out back window) in Ohio today?

Anyone has link  please post.  About 6 minutes... Live action on CSX!!

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