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Date: 07/08/04 19:01
Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: SteelValleyModels

I have compiled a Conrad Yelvington Roster from information over the
last few months on several lists.

A big thanks to Mike Woodruff, Jim Larduskey, J. Larry Seale and Uncle
Joe Oates and those who I might have missed or forgotten.

I plan to add this to the M&MRPG website tonight and will update as
needed. http://members.cox.net/mmstreams

If you have any information that can supplement this info as well as
the AGR info from this link http://members.cox.net/mmstreams/agr , please feel free to forward it. I will give you credit.

Suggestions and feedback welcome as always.


Paul Amos, KI4DMP
Crestview, FL
CSX P&A Sub MP "Double O" K700.3

Reporting Mark Road No. Model B/n build date Location Notes
ACL 100 EMD GP7 Gainesville, FL Ex-SCL 785, nee-ACL 100
CYDZ 224 Alco S2 Orlando, FL Ex-Martin Marietta 9116, exx-B&O 9116, nee-C&O 5029
CYDZ 238 Alco S2m Largo, FL (no data)
CYDZ 239 Alco S2m Wildwood, FL Ex-IM&C 202, nee-Ontario Northland 1202
CYDZ 251 Alco S2m Palmetto, FL Ex ex-IM&C 201, nee-Ontario Northland 1201
CYDZ 258 Alco T6 Tampa (Temple Terrace), FL Ex-IM&C 208/IM&C 16, nee Brewster Phosphates (American Cyanimid) 16
CYDZ 262 Alco RS1 Miami (Krome), FL Ex-Chattahoochee Industrial 1111, exx-Louisiana Midland 1111, nee-GM&O 1111
CYDZ 275 Alco RS1 Ocala, FL ex-Chattahoochee Industrial 3, nee-Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay 909
CYDZ 292 Alco RS1 Orlando, FL ex-Chattahoochee Indusrial 97, nee-Washington Terminal 52
CYDZ 293 Alco RS-1 Riviera Beach, FL ex-Chattahoochee Industrial 38, nee-Washington Terminal 54
CYDZ 294 Alco RS1 Jacksonville, FL (no data)
CYDZ 305 EMD SW1200 Pensacola, FL ex-Birmingham Southern 200
CYDZ 306 EMD SW9, Long Beach, MS nee-FEC 226
CYDZ 307 EMD SW9, De Funiak Springs, FL nee-FEC 221
CYDZ 317 Alco S2, Bay Minette, AL (no data)
CYDZ 320 EMD GP10 Gautier, MS (no data)
CYDZ 321 EMD GP10 Sanford, FL (no data)
CYDZ 709 EMD SW9 16952 Jan-52 (no data) Ex-AN
CYDZ 710 EMD SW9 18869 Nov-53 Michigan Ex-AN
CYDZ 711 EMD SW9 18870 Nov-53 Progress Rail Waycross, GA Ex-AN
CYDZ 104 EMD GP30m 23514 ???? Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2175, xx-CSXT ????,xxx-C&O or B&O ????
CYDZ 204 EMD GP30m 27650 Nov-63 Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2178, xx-CSXT 4248, xxx- B&O 6933
CYDZ 304 EMD GP30m 27798 Aug-62 Theodore, AL Ex-AGR 2179, xx-CSXT 4200, xxx-C&O 3000
CYDZ 404 EMD GP30m 27634 ???? Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2181, xx-CSXT 4238, xxx-B&O 6917
CYDZ 504 EMD GP30m 27648 Nov-62 Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2183, xx-CSXT 4246, xxx -B&O 6931
CYDZ 604 EMD GP30 23110 Feb-63 Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2202 ex-CR /PRR same #
CYDZ 704 EMD GP30 23146 Apr-63 Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2238 ex-CR /PRR same #
CYDZ 804 EMD GP30m 28505 ?-63 Pensacola, FL- stored Ex-AGR 2180, xx-CSXT 4223, xxx-C&O 3029

AGR Alabama & Gulf Coast Railroad
AN Appalachcola Northern
CI Chatahoochee Industrial
GM&O Gulf Mobile & Ohio

Date: 07/08/04 21:00
Re: Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: Clarence

Umm, what's a Conrad Yelvington?

Date: 07/09/04 07:47
Re: Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: SteelValleyModels

Kind of the "Rock King" here in Florida......



Date: 07/09/04 13:16
Re: Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: csxt4617

evidnetly they are pretty spread out around the US too. They have a
terminal next to the CSX car shop in Grand Rapids MI (One of the engines
listed as in "Michigan", 709 or 710, is at this terminal, but I can't
remember which one). CSX runs a couple stone trains from the Thornton IL
quarry to Grand Rapids and Lansing MI. One train set is CYDX white hoppers
that have the Conrad Yelvington logo on them.

Date: 07/09/04 14:35
Re: Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: Larry576

I've been to that quarry a few times. I used to work the old Y124/Y125 job out of Barr alot during my short tenure with CSX. The run down that old line is neat. We used to wye our lone unit there.

Date: 05/19/20 11:25
Re: Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: theironhorse

Just found a Alco RS across from Georgia Pacific in Cantonment north of Pensacola FL. Behind cars so no id available .

Date: 05/19/20 11:40
Re: Conrad Yelvington Roster
Author: Lackawanna484

Conrad Yelvington units are occasionally visible from the Auto-Train site in Sanford as they move carloads from the Orlando area to just north of Sanford.  There's a big facility on the right side of a northbound Amtrak train a few minutes outside Sanford.

There's another large site with 2-3 units often visible on the left side of a northbound train making the big bend into Jacksonville yard.

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