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Date: 10/18/04 20:25
Eastern Kentucky Questions ???
Author: scoobydoobydoo

The scoobster is getting bored in ohio.Are there any good rail fan places in eastern kentucky or western west virgina.Thanks in advance...Scoobydoobydoo

Date: 10/19/04 04:47
Re: Eastern Kentucky Questions ???
Author: robby

Depends on what you mean by "good". If you want the traffic volume you guys in Ohio are use to, you'll be bored in EKY also. If you want to spend some time chasing and seeking out mine runs and shifters, you'll be in heaven.

For action, start with Russell Yard near Ashland, the section of triple track between RU Cabin and Big Sandy Junction is the top tonnage section on CSX. You get coal trains off Big Sandy, coal on the Kanawha running to Newport News, and to the north, the busy Northern and scenic CD Subs. Across the river is the busy NS Pokey with a fine mix of coal and freight, chemicals and grain. Ten miles into WV is Huntington Shops which always has a great selection of power.

EKY should be railfanned for its scenery. Following the Big Sandy south check out Coal Run, the big cut at Pikeville, Shelby Yard and Elkhorn City. If you make it to Elkhorn City don't miss the Breaks Interstate Park a few mile on south into VA, shots of tonnage trains working up grade through the gorge will bring tears to your eyes. Overlooks in the park are many and the music of 20,000hp in run 8 is a can't miss event. Trains usually average 1 per hour. Chasing mine runs can be a challange if you don't have good maps but the shots pay off. Only the true diehard should 'fan Hazard, Martin, Loyall, etc. Trains are few but the payoff is great. The area around Corbin would be a good bet with some pretty good mainline traffic, mostly coal but also a few freight, grain and a select few autoracks.

If you like sitting in one place waiting on action, be sure the grill is hot, the cooler is full and you have plenty to do to keep you busy while you wait out the next run by. If you like high speed train chasing on crazy narrow winding mountain roads, EKY is for you.


Date: 10/19/04 17:25
Re: Eastern Kentucky Questions ???
Author: TheFFV

Great area but be reminded scanners are illegal in KY! :(

Date: 10/19/04 21:15
Re: Eastern Kentucky Questions ???
Author: BobE

TheFFV Wrote:
> Great area but be reminded scanners are illegal in
> KY! :(

Not if you're a ham!

Echoing Robby, if sitting in one spot watching rail traffic is your bag, Eastern Kentucky is not likely to satisfy you. There's tremendous scenery but rail traffic is sparse relative to the trunk line territory of northern Ohio. Reeeeeeeeeeally sparse. If you can handle seeing 3 or 4 trains a day and chasing on tight, twisty mountain roads, it's exhilarating.


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