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Date: 03/30/05 14:20
Metro North SPV
Author: gg1tim

As a followup to the pictures I posted earlier today I have 2 Metro North SPV's to share. The first is # 292 heading south thru Cold Spring, N.Y. on 9-11-83. It was hit or miss those weekend days whether one would see them run per the timetable.

Date: 03/30/05 14:22
Re: Metro North SPV
Author: gg1tim

Two years later on 10-6-85 I took # 296 at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. waiting to run back to Croton-Harmon.

Date: 03/30/05 16:08
Re: Metro North SPV
Author: Lackawanna484

SPV = Seldom Propelled Vehicle?

Date: 03/30/05 18:21
Re: Metro North SPV
Author: NYC_L4a

Thanks for the ( brief ) memories...nice shots. I never really cared for the SPV-2000's but compared tho their predeccessors, they were just a blur in time. They weren't bad to ride on, but just never really seemed like I was "taking the train": Hearing the transmission upshift on acceleration they sounded ( and felt ) more like a city bus. Not so , the older RDC's, at least from my perspective.

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