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Date: 12/31/00 01:08
N-scale aviation...
Author: x4211

...While modeling in a Westcoast foothill/ mountain theme, I've recently added an airport to the layout which includes a firefighting
aitanker base. The planes are actually 1/144th (Minicraft) converted
WWII TBMs PBYs and a B-17, the types used during the 1960s.Does any one
know of any 1/160 general aviation airplanes available or if any have been produced? 'Found a few Bachmann mini-planes in that size, but only fighters...It would seem profitable for model companies to produce A/C in railroad scales...'not much available in 1/87 either.What do you think?? x4211

Date: 12/31/00 06:34
RE: N-scale aviation...
Author: lightbg

A year or two ago I found a few helicopters at a swap meet that were actually 1:160 scale. I don't remember the manufacturer though. Since I'm in H.O., I've had a Bell Huey UH-1 on backorder with Walthers for the past 6 months. I'm using the Lionel repro H.O. helicopter, which is passable for an older Bell 47J Ranger. The pickin's are kinda slim in either scale for fixed-wing or rotary.

Date: 01/02/01 21:58
RE: N-scale aviation...
Author: Doc

A few layouts back (waaay back) I had a couple of planes in the background on an air strip. They were smaller than N scale (waaay smaller), but looked alright and gave the old "forced perspective".
I agree it would be nice to see more stuff like that available tho.

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