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Date: 01/06/17 05:17
ScaleTrains SD40-2
Author: bigmc83

Just got an email stating they are adding roadnames and variations, including the CSX "Sponge Bob Square Cab" style among others. The western roads also look well represented.  Very excited for my two NS units to arrive!

Sean McCaffery

Date: 01/06/17 05:27
Re: ScaleTrains SD40-2
Author: electromac

CSX / SD40-3

Date: 01/06/17 06:00
Re: ScaleTrains SD40-2
Author: Larry020

For those that don't know what Sponge Bob looks like in real life and not just his cartoon character, here's a link just for you.


You also have to imagine him in his dress blues.


Date: 01/06/17 06:14
Re: ScaleTrains SD40-2
Author: Larry020

¡A square cab, a song, and an appearance by Bob himself!  


Round signals and square cab.  The third photo also has a conventional cab for comparison purposes.  



Date: 01/06/17 08:11
Re: ScaleTrains SD40-2
Author: ts2100

Has a release date been announced for these?

Date: 01/06/17 10:01
Re: ScaleTrains SD40-2
Author: tomstp

Reminds me of the old "flat top" hair cuts.

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