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Date: 01/07/17 20:55
Athearn question...
Author: hartrick24

I bought two of the new Santa Fe SD75m's in H.O scale and I need some advise on removing the shell. I revoved 
both coupler boxes and screws and it's not moving. I know it's something easy but can't figure it out.

Thank you Steve

Date: 01/07/17 21:11
Re: Athearn question...
Author: fbe

Look for a couple screws between the ends of the fuel tank and trucks in addition to the coupler boxes.

Try to keep the body straight as you lift it up. Some pilot detail parts may not be trimmed flush with the back of the pilot and cause the frame to hang up as you pull it out.

Date: 01/07/17 21:20
Re: Athearn question...
Author: hartrick24

Would I remove the fuel tank to get to these screws?

Date: 01/08/17 09:50
Re: Athearn question...
Author: BAB

Seems my SD70ace they were by the truck just beyond the tank. Think that those in the tank were for the motor.

Date: 01/08/17 10:40
Re: Athearn question...
Author: grahamline

Were the engines supplied with an exploded parts diagram in the box? Those usually show the locations of mounting screws.  Though I have on occasion loosened the wrong screws and had a motor fall out.

Date: 01/08/17 13:55
Re: Athearn question...
Author: hartrick24

Thank you to All, I did find those two hidden screws. Also both boxes didn't have those instructions just a warrenty card.

Thanks again 

Date: 01/08/17 15:22
Re: Athearn question...
Author: DHarrison

There is post here dated 1/08/2017 A Locomotive Shell Removal Instruction Page Already Exists
Author: Larry020 
showing a TCS photo guide how to take the shell/body off many HO locomotives. http://www.tcsdcc.com/Customer_Content/Installation_Pictures/HO_Scale/HO_Search/search.html 

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