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Date: 01/11/17 17:19
Rapido F40PH Extra Bag of Parts
Author: hankbrank15

I finally found time after Holidays to "un-box" my Rapido HO F40PH Amtrak Phase II DCC Sound locomotive that arrived a while ago.
My favorite feature despite everything else being absolutely fantastic (thank you Rapido!!!) is the red reverse marker lights that acutally work!!! (F9?) so I dont have to put working red marker lights in myself.

My only question is the Model came with a small bag of parts (Air conditioner, windshield screen protectors, "C" shaped black piece, some clear maybe beacon lenses...)
I "googled" and checked several forums but cannot find any directions as to where these parts go/located on the engine, whether I need to drill my own pilot holes, or are the pilot holes there with a thin film of the shell plastic over them for modelers who prefer not to add?
For example, I see some windshield protection screens, but dont see any tiny holes next to the windshields to glue the tiny "legs" into; or where the extra clear beacon lenses go...
Also, no direction or holes on roof as far as where the AC unit actually goes.
My apologies if this has long been answered. Just getting to it now.

Date: 01/11/17 18:19
Re: Rapido F40PH Extra Bag of Parts
Author: PHall

Have you contacted Rapido? They're very helpful if you ask them.

Date: 01/12/17 09:38
Re: Rapido F40PH Extra Bag of Parts
Author: hankbrank15

Thank you, yes, Last night I found the information at back of booklet to contact Rapido with questions/issues. Thank you!

Date: 01/13/17 06:58
Re: Rapido F40PH Extra Bag of Parts
Author: tmurray

The parts bag includes the ghetto grills, and the later model of strobes, used after overhaul (post '91ish). If you want to place the A/C unit on the cab roof, it mounts directly over the bolted-on roof hatch above the cab (they too were put on post '91).
Holes for the grills have to be drilled by the installer.

If you care about degrees of prototype, none of the units had an A/C with the 1500 gallon tank that's on the Rapido unit; they all had 1800 gallon ones by the time they would have received them. Also, the grills were gone in the early-ish '80s; so no Amtrak units were ever equipped with both.


Date: 01/16/17 17:29
Re: Rapido F40PH Extra Bag of Parts
Author: hankbrank15

Excellent. Info is much appreciated. Thank you.

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