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Date: 01/11/17 22:06
TTPX Flatcar
Author: ghemr

Here's a recently completed (I think??) Exactrail TTPX car with dunnage left behind by the previous shipper.....

Date: 01/11/17 22:27
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: Fizzboy7

Great attention to detail, on and off the car.

Date: 01/12/17 02:50
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: Hookdragkick

You put out three cars with style, brother. This flat is nice. The dunage is necessary, because when empty, that's how it rolls!

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Date: 01/12/17 05:56
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: SPDRGWfan

Looks great, sure wish there was a TT version for the late 1970's.

Date: 01/12/17 06:32
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: bridgeportsub

Nice job that car really looks great.


Date: 01/12/17 06:57
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: 3rdswitch

Really like this one.

Date: 01/12/17 13:19
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: Jimmies

Nice detailing there.  Kind of makes me wonder what the load was that was on it previously.  Real good work on all 3. You have a nice abiity to stop before you've gone too far with the weathering.


Date: 01/12/17 18:36
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: upkpfan

What do you mean, 3 cars? There is only 2 pics. and they are of the same car. upkpfan

Date: 01/13/17 06:31
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: wheel_slip

Extremely well done....


Date: 01/13/17 19:50
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: EricSP

He was probably referring to the cars in the other 2 threads the OP started.

Date: 01/15/17 09:01
Re: TTPX Flatcar
Author: inCHI

Great looking details!

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