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Date: 03/18/17 09:21
Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: Brakeman

Modeling the late 1970's.  I'm going to use black Roman lettering and numbers.  Any thoughts on stripes?  Red? Orange? Black?  I'm thinking no stripes at all.  Your input would be appreciated.  The purpose of the "high-hood" SDP39 is that it is a passenger engine that takes miners to the remote mines and back.  Thought I might make all of them high-hoods.  Any thoughts on that idea?

Date: 03/18/17 15:43
Re: Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: Santafes95

It looks to me to be just like the Milwaukee Road paint scheme. If you could make lettering that matched your paint on the top and bottom I think you would have a great scheme.

Date: 03/18/17 18:59
Re: Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: WrongWayMurphy

I like the red stripe separating the colors on the upper portion like the letter SW1 shown.


Date: 03/19/17 06:31
Re: Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: tq-07fan

Here is an idea of what an actual remote mine passenger operation looks like in modern times.


They had a generator car attached to the train. You can see it in one of the photos painted in the older scheme like the units that pulled the ore train. As it was always on the end away from the parking lot I never got a better picture of it. Not saying that a mining railway wouldn't have a dedicated locomotive for the miner train but it would lessen the utilization depending on how many other locomotives are available. I like the scheme, You have your line crisp enough to not really need a stripe.


Date: 03/19/17 12:02
Re: Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: SPHTS_001

You don't need a stripe seperation if you can keep the color seperation straight, and it looks like you have that covered. Think late 70's railroading and think economical, why add extra steps as they cost the road more money and traffic is probably down in most areas. How about a BIG number on the long hood, near the front, and the name stacked in a smaller font on the cab side? Just an idea.

Go for it, I like what you are doing.

John Huey
Simi Valley, CA

Date: 03/20/17 00:04
Re: Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: SantaFeRuss

You have kind of a turquoise and gray paint scheme. An orange stripe would look nice as a separating stripe. Denotes the Southwest.


Posted from Android

Date: 03/20/17 17:40
Re: Northern Arizona Railroad
Author: dwatry

I would use sans-serif lettering.  Many 60s and 70s paint schemes used sans-serif, with big blocks of single colors, and not much striping.   At this point in RR history, most RRs were looking to reduce costs, and it was cheaper to do a "dip" paint job than to mask for lots of stripes, in an era before decals were prevalent.  Think the B&O/C&O blue dip scheme, Penn Central, Rock Island, GTW, N&W, etc.  Many times the name was not spelled out at all - just initials - such as the dip-black "NW" scheme the N&W adopted early-1970s. 

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