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Date: 04/17/17 17:42
Critter on the loose
Author: HB90MACH

The critter is walthers ML8. Light weathering and some modern variations reflect, minus the modern diesel power plant and compressor in some prototypes, the changes some have seen over the years into modern service. When you think about it, some are pushing 80. While others look like the day they rolled off Plymouth's shop floor. No5 works the farmers coop and team track out side the town of SnowShoe PA. The branch is the old PRR line into Snowshoe while the active line is ex NYC branch now Nittany Valley Southern.

Date: 04/18/17 07:57
Re: Critter on the loose
Author: Chestnut

I love my Walthers Plymouth. I have the light blue one that works at my cement plant. Yeah they are pricey, but run great and I love the current keeper on the DCC version. I like what you did to yours. I plan on putting some extra details to mine took box with some tools.

Date: 04/18/17 16:17
Re: Critter on the loose
Author: HB90MACH

I actually started with the light blue one. In my research, I found a light blue one working at a cement plant. It had a odd exhaust configuration too. It came out in the front location through a muffler parallel to the engine hood, 45 degree from there to the roof, ran flat along the cab roof with another stumpy 45 degree bend where it outlet. I have been wondering why they did that. That hed light does work on mine.

Date: 04/21/17 03:01
Re: Critter on the loose
Author: calsubd

This one is in front of Progress Rail in Patterson Georgia

Ed Stewart
Jacksonville, FL

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