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Model Railroading > Athearn C44-9W Handrail Question

Date: 04/19/17 17:58
Athearn C44-9W Handrail Question
Author: SP4436

I was wanting to upgrade my older Athearn dash 9's with the old metal railings to the new plastic type. I realize the end railings mount differently but was curious if there were any other differences. Has anyone made the switch from metal to plastic on their Athearn dash 9's? If so did you run into any issues?


Date: 04/19/17 23:44
Re: Athearn C44-9W Handrail Question
Author: sandmanre

I did several Blue Box Dash 9's and didn't have any problems, although I used Smokey Valley stanchions for the front and rear,and bent my own rails.

Ron Evans
Golden Valley, AZ

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