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Date: 08/15/01 08:44
Model Power Flex Track?
Author: atsf2399

A friend is going to buy a case of 100 HO 3-foot code 100 flex track. Atlas is being sold for $169 a case; Model Power is $99 a case. I've used Atlas satisfactorily, but wonder if the quality of the MP product is that much worse?

Date: 08/15/01 09:13
RE: Model Power Flex Track?
Author: stivmac

First quesstion to ask, is it nickle silver? If its plain steel then its NOT worth it! I'm pretty sure that some of the cheaper (and older) track was either just polished steel (which rusts) or thinly coated with N/S which wears off. Caveat Emptor!

Date: 08/15/01 09:24
RE: Model Power Flex Track?
Author: BentnoseWillie

I've used MP, Atlas, and Peco code 100 at various times, both
NS and brass. My advice: go with Atlas or Peco. Peco is best,
Atlas is fine (I'm using both on the current layout). I mainly
prefer Peco because it tends to hold a curve better if using
tracklaying methods that don't involve nails (such as construction
adhesive). Atlas works well with carpet tape, but not so well
with construction adhesive. Peco has the fringe benefit of not
having molded-in nail holes to hide, but I can live with the
holes in the Atlas track. If I can live with code 100, I can
live with the odd holes in the ties, can't I :^)
Bottom line: the extra cost for the Atlas will pay dividends.


Date: 08/15/01 12:28
RE: Model Power Flex Track?
Author: gmoney4

I use Code 100 Peco and Atlas flextrack. Atlas is stronger with less chance of the rail separating from the ties. I use Peco turnouts with Atlas 'off stage'.

Date: 08/15/01 12:38
RE: Model Power Flex Track?
Author: BentnoseWillie

I use Peco turnouts as well - hoping not to have to use any Atlas
this time 'round. The price (of either) is scary these days, though -
I was lucky to find most of mine used at a decent price, but I still
need a couple of Peco curved turnouts. Ouch.


Date: 08/15/01 13:21
RE: Model Power Flex Track?
Author: gmoney4

I live in Canada and I got most of my Peco, including flextrack, mailed to me from England to cut down on cost. I also use four curved tunouts but it may not be practical to make a small order. This was back around 1980 and since then I have bought a few turnouts at the local level.

Date: 08/17/01 19:18
RE: Model Power Flex Track?
Author: podh

2 years ago i was using MP flex track to save money, that it did but i seemed to have been cleaning and cleaning and this is when the layout had not been used in a week or so
i went back to atlas and i have only cleaned the track 3 times since march

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